The film provides a vital resource for teachers seeking to explore Indigenous issues from Indigenous perspectives.

Collected over 3 years, through intimate encounters and established relationships of trust, Our Generation presents seldom-heard Aboriginal voices on the issues that affect them today. Its content is driven by Indigenous people themselves, and is an important message stick to mainstream Australia. For future generations to understand more about the First Australians and to be able to work in better partnership with them into a brighter future.

Subjects relevant to the classroom include:

Aboriginal health  –  The reality of life in remote Aboriginal Australia  –  Traditional Aboriginal culture, ceremony and Law  –  Life on homelands  –  Human rights in Australia  –  Indigenous policies by the Government  –  Stolen generations  –  Reconciliation

In October 2011, a 52 minute version of the film was created to suit educational use and TV broadcast. It was edited in collaboration with James Bradley, the award-winning editor of First Australians (SBS).


Free Study Guide for Teachers

In December 2011, in response to growing demand from the educational sector, we developed the Our Generation Study Guide, aimed at Yr 11 & 12 students. Produced by the Australian Teachers of Media (ATOM), the study guide carefully positions the film’s teachings around the new national curriculum, making it an invaluable resource across a range of subjects.

The study guide comes as a colorful 16-page PDF file, free to download below.

It comprises over 40 ready to go questions covering the issues raised in the film as well as a comprehensive resource section for further reading.

There is minimal work for teachers to do, just simply guide the students through the film and the questions.


Study Guide (52 mins updated film)


Study Guide (73 mins original film)